Buyer Reviews

From the beginning to the end of my home search, Brian was always available and easy to contact. He responded quickly whenever I had a question, but did not pester me with pointless phone calls. Whenever I decided I wanted to tour a home, Brian set up an appointment quickly, so I never worried about missing out on a great home. He was always thoroughly prepared and always on time whenever we went to see a home. Brian consistently took time to fully explain the impact of all the paperwork that I encountered in my search, and always looked out for my best interest. He was very pleasant to work with all through my purchase transaction, and helped me end up with a wonderful home !

Janice P. , South Lyon        


Brian is very knowledgeable about real estate transactions, and is always a pleasure to work with. He guided us through the entire purchase process with a smile, and was very attentive to exactly what we were looking for in our home. Brian is a wonderful Realtor whom I would recommend to anyone looking for patient, professional guidance through their real estate transaction.

Alexandra Lozser, Ann Arbor         


Working with Brian was definitely the right choice for us. Brian took the time to really understand our needs and desires and walked us through every step of the home-buying process in detail, making certain we were comfortable throughout all steps of the process. At the same time, he was very quick and responsive when the action started to heat up and time was of the essence. The experience with Brian gave us a good mix of principled advice, advocacy, and knowledge of the local market.

Joel and Frances A., Ann Arbor


Brian was always available and responsive to our questions; - whether we called, emailed or texted, he responded to all our concerns quickly and thoroughly and made every effort to let us know that we were heard and understood. He made us feel that we were his most important clients, because he always treated us with respect and always took us seriously, even though we were first-time buyers and sometimes didn’t even know the questions to ask. No question we asked Brian was too naïve or too silly, and he always answered them thoughtfully and with experience that really showed. Brian provided us with the education we needed to make confident decisions as we moved through the purchase process with him, and advised us on working with inspectors, repair people and our mortgage loan officer so that we felt we were in safe hands at every step of the process and were never taken advantage of. Brian was pleasant to work with; never failed to be interested in us and our family, and we feel incredibly fortunate to have had him working as our Realtor.

Greg and Michelle T., Saline


My wife and I could not be happier with our decision to work with Brian Hill as our Buyer’s Agent.  As first-time home buyers, we were able to benefit from the wealth of knowledge that Brian brings to the table.  He was always available to answer our many questions as we worked through the home buying process.  His thorough and easygoing nature made looking at homes fun and interesting.  Most importantly, he worked to ensure that we were comfortable with our decisions.  Brian has our highest recommendation for anyone looking to buy, or sell, a home.  We look forward to working with him in the future.

                                                                                                            Dr. Kevin L., M.D.; and Dr. Rebecca H., M.D.


Buying a new home can be a pretty stressful process, and there's always the concern that as a buyer you're going to screw up some part of the decision-making process.  The most comforting aspect of working with Brian is that it was always evident that he had our best interest and our future in mind, and that was really what drove all his interactions with us.  Brian is extremely knowledgeable, knows the questions to ask and the things to look for that can be both extremely beneficial and also problematic when looking at a potential property, and he also knows quality individuals and companies to connect with when it gets down to the time for inspections.  From our work with Brian, we always felt like his number one objective was to help us find the right house for our family, and we are extremely grateful for that.

Doug and Heidi H., Hartland MI


We loved working with Brian.  We were first-time homebuyers, so our interactions with him helped us bring into focus what our needs really were.  Brian counseled patience after every showing of a house that seemed “good enough” so that when we walked into the perfect-for-us home, we knew right away and were confident in our decision to buy.  His steady presence and reassuring manner calmed us as we went through the closing process. We recommend him to other home buyers with the utmost enthusiasm!

Raj R. and Judy B., Ann Arbor


Brian is thorough, informative, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.  He was extremely patient with us, and was just as enthusiastic as we were to see each new home we toured.  He was with us through every step of the home buying process and shared great insight with us about the neighborhoods we were focusing on and about the specific homes we were interested in.  He went above and beyond for us and helped us find the perfect home.  We would definitely work with him again in the future. 

John and Bonsitu G., Ann Arbor


My self-directed search for a new home turned out to be more difficult than I expected, so I made the decision to seek help from a Realtor.  Brian not only helped me tour and evaluate all the available homes that met my needs, but also made the search process much less stressful.  His advice was valuable when I was preparing my offer, but especially so when we were negotiating with the seller.  He was very patient and helpful from the first showing right through to the closing.  It was a pleasure to work with him.

Valeriy T., Ann Arbor


Brian Hill was highly recommended to us and he exceeded our expectations in every way.  He is a truly experienced and dedicated Realtor who will go several extra miles to fully inform his clients on important issues, and we always felt that he had our best interests in mind.   We particularly appreciated the in-depth research that he performed for us regarding topics such as the house’s history, how to judge well water quality, advice on the home inspection and guidance on working with the home builder on multiple issues both before and after closing.  

Brian was also quite helpful after closing, which to us is a real testament that the really does care about his clients, even after the sale is done.  He listens attentively to his clients, is very responsive to both emails and phone calls, and he made the entire home buying process a smooth and pleasant one.  

Dr. T.K, M.D and A.K., Dexter


My husband and I had a positively wonderful experience working with Brian Hill!  He is very knowledgeable and courteous.  We were first-time home buyers and he took the time to explain the entire process to us in just the right amount of detail.  My husband and I are both residents at the University of Michigan Medical Center, and Brian was knowledgeable about our residency timelines and our priorities.  He even went to see houses for us when we could not make it to Michigan to see them in person.  We are extremely happy in our new home and we cannot recommend Brian strongly enough!

Drs. Aaron I. M.D. and Rachel S., M.D.  Dexter 


Brian Hill is the best agent you will find. He is concerned about you and not about selling a home quickly or forcing you to make a deal quickly. He has infinite patience and makes you arrive at the right decision in a subtle way. We were very impressed and will never forget his concern that we didn't get overly excited and carried away and go outside our budget. In fact, many times he was more concerned than us. We deeply appreciate his advice. We spent one year looking for a home, and come rain, come snow, come shine, he was there . . . always.

We have heard horror stories about agents who try to pressure you and mentally manipulate you so that deal can be closed as soon as possible. With Brian, that was never the case. In fact, even after the closing, he doesn't forget you. He keeps sending reminders and offering advice for what we should do in terms of repair, taxes etc in our first year of home ownership. If you are looking for caring, patient, and friendly agent, then there could be nobody better than Brian.

Deepak and Sunitha N., Ann Arbor


Working with Brian Hill didn't feel like work. We enjoyed his positive spirit, enthusiasm, and wealth of knowledge. He guided us in purchasing a home in just the right way - he knew when to let us figure something out on our own and when he should interject. Our house-hunting process was not very simple, so we were fortunate to have someone dedicated to helping us through it. We are very happy in our house and hope to be there for years to come. Thanks, Brian!

                                                                                                Bryan A. and Mary G., Ypsilanti


Brian was very knowledgeable in assisting me in the search for my new home.  He patiently showed me over 12 properties in a one month span, each time getting closer and closer to what I wanted.  He didn't push me, but instead encouraged me to be introspective and figure out exactly what I was looking for.  From beginning to end, Brian was helpful and always willing to do what's needed.  I love the home he helped me find and purchase.

                                                                                       Jeffery C., Ann Arbor


Brian Hill provided excellent advice through every step of the process of selling our previous home and buying a new one.  In the hectic spring market, his advice helped us not to make rash decisions we later would have regretted.  He was always incredibly patient with us.  When all was said and done, we couldn’t be happier with the result, which was largely due to Brian’s guidance and persistence in his dedication to helping us find the home that was right for us.

                                                                                                Alex B. and Elizabeth H., M.D., Ann Arbor


Working with Brian was a great experience.  He provided me with excellent information and insight and was almost always immediately available by phone or email.  He helped me through the whole process of buying my condo in Ann Arbor from the initial home tours all the way through to closing, and even helped me find a reputable handyman to do move-in fix-ups.  I highly recommend him.

                                                                                                Roger K. Jr., Ann Arbor


On a scale from 1 to 10, Brian Hill’s work on our home purchase was a 12.  He provided quick and thorough communication, tireless home showings and pragmatic advice to close the deal.  Best of all, as first-time buyers we learned oodles of tips from Brian’s educational approach – tips we’ll use for life!

Brian and Carrie N., Ann Arbor


Brian! What do I say? You are by FAR the best Realtor anyone could ask for. I think mostly because you are simply an honest, knowledgeable and kind person. I've learned so much from you - we need to hand out just so I can keep learning. Thank you for all your time and your help with my home search; - we love it! 

                                                                                    Tanya A., Ann Arbor


Brian Hill was a pleasure to work with in our purchase of a condominium in Ann Arbor.  Even though our purchase involved several extended issues and time to accomplish, Brian was quite attentive to all our needs and very prompt in responding to each step in the purchasing process. Indeed, if we have future need of a realtor, or were to advise others, we confidently recommend Mr. Brian Hill of Ann Arbor's Reinhart Company Realtors. 

                                                                                                John and Sharon O., Ann Arbor


Brian Hill was more than we could have asked for in a Realtor.  He was so engaged in the process that buying our first home was easy to navigate.  He was prompt, kind and exceptional at communication between all parties involved.  We can’t say enough good things about Brian !! He’s extremely professional and we highly recommend him to everyone we know in the area !!

                                                                                                Suzie and Peter S., Ypsilanti


We appreciated Brian’s professionalism and thoroughness in handling two transactions for us:  the purchase of our new condo and the sale of our existing home.   He offered us good advice and guidance along the way on lots of practical issues like how to arrange overlapping insurance coverage, and on how to arrange utility account transfers.  Brian helped us fully prepare for and to understand what to expect at the closings on both properties, and as the result, both transactions went very smoothly. It was a pleasure working with him.

                                                                                                Vincent and Nina B., Brighton


Brian provided my wife and me with a wealth of information on what to look for in a house.  He also listened carefully to what my family needed in a home and provided a good selection of homes for us to look at.  Anytime my wife or I had a question or concern, Brian was there to answer and address them.  We can't thank him enough for all that he has done for our family.

                                                                                                James and Jessica W., Salem Township

Brian Hill is an exceptionally knowledgeable Realtor that enables you to clearly understand what each property offers you.  He strives to understand exactly what you are looking for, and in turn, assist you in making a home-buying decision that is best for your priorities and needs.

Alex R., Ann Arbor


Brian’s professional, friendly and prompt nature made it easy to find the right place to live in a new city.  Brian has a wealth of experience and advice that was very helpful.  I give Brian my highest recommendation to anyone in search of a real estate agent.

 Dr. Arjun S., M.D.; Ann Arbor


We worked with Brian for nearly two years before we found the right home to call our own.  His availability matched ours; he was always punctual, and his patience throughout the process was much appreciated.

Damon H. and Sara S., Dexter


It was great working with Brian over what turned out to be a prolonged search for just the right lake house.  He stuck with us during our 3-year search and was patient and thorough the whole time.  He was always available, promptly answered our questions, and we always felt he was truly acting as a Buyer’s Agent for us.  He has just the right personality for being a Realtor!

Dr. James, M.D. and Carol T., Ann Arbor


As first time home buyers, my wife and I knew very little about what to expect from the process of purchasing a home.  We gave Brian Hill a long list of needs and desires for our first home and he worked tirelessly to find a place that met all our requirements. 

He was extremely patient with us always fully answering our questions and taking the extra time to explain each step. He showed us homes in each part of the city, and at each location, Brian allowed us the time and space to take in the house and discuss the pros and cons with each other. We were still living in South Carolina when we began the purchasing process.  Brian made himself available to us on numerous occasions to assist with this process to include going in our stead to home inspections and coordinating our move-in with the owner and tenant of the house we purchased. I am happy to report that he found us a home that we are extremely happy with.

The purchasing of any home has become a lengthy and stressful process, but Brian did everything within his power to make it as smooth as possible.  He went so far as to assist us in meeting our movers while we were finishing closing on the house.  Over the past year, he has regularly kept in touch with us and even offers assessments of the current market value of our home.  Anytime I hear of someone around Ann Arbor looking to purchase a home I recommend Reinhart Realtors and more specifically Brian Hill to them.  I would not sell or purchase a home in Michigan without talking to Brian.

                                                                                    Daniel and Andrea S., Ann Arbor